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Flavorful and tasteful Secrets of Yamato Nikudori:

Commitment to deliciousness

Yamato Nikudori meat chicken is produced by excellent breeding method

Chicken like you’ve never had before was flavored.Growing method of Yamato Nikudori are delicately processed in a well conducive clean and safe place where temperature was specialized for chicken to make its special task that makes chickens move wide and freely.

“Yamato Nikudori”is

A product that is above different from other chicken product found in the market because it was crossed bred of three chicken livestocks of Nagoya, New Hampshire and Shamo.

Passed from Japanese Agriculture Standard (JAS)which is a good race,period and the method of breeding chicken.
Aside from the well temperature and sanitized place, Yamato NIkudori feeding chicken by their own well -balanced formula that makes the chicken fresh and non-stinky to smell which makes the chicken even more juicy and flavorful to taste when cooked because of it’s unique umami taste. And makes you eat more and find out that is the taste of Yamato Nikudori chicken.

Flavorful and Tasteful “ Yamato Nikudori” Want to know it?

The chicken product that is freshly perfected over a period of time of 135 days.It is a quality meat product that is far better from other chicken product that is in the market because of its more freshly red color,firm meat and equal skin fat which makes Yamato Nikudori chewy,juicy and tasty in each and every bite.

We are delicately taking cares and raising these chickens for their safety and security.

Yamato Nikudori Agriculture Cooperative has a members of five different farms that breeds chickens.

This product is safe and secured because it is handled and runned by a responsible contractors and dealers before it delivers to markets.

Look for the quality seal of Yamato Nikudori

Company Overview

State-of-the-art technology and sanitation

Inheriting the wide range of response and advanced technology cultivated since its establishment in 1979, the new head office plant is equipped with the latest facilities and is under thorough quality and sanitary control based on HACCP.
The new headquarters plant is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and skilled staff members carefully process each product under thorough quality and hygiene control based on HACCP.
We are processing meat to deliver the highest quality with safety and peace of mind to everyone.

Company Name

Food Sanai Co.,Ltd.


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